Sandusky County Juvenile Detention Center
2351 Countryside Dr  .  Fremont    OH    43420    419.334.6498    Fax: 419.334.6505

Brad Culbert, Judge

Daily Schedule
About the JDC...
1.All jewelry must be turned in at intake.
2.No talking in your cell, talking cell to cell, or looking out cell doors.
3.No scratching or writing on floors, doors or walls.
4.Cells will be kept neat at all times. Beds will be made and there will be no trash in your cell.
5.No lying down before 9:00 PM.
6.You must sleep with head toward door and your head uncovered.
7.Nothing in cells but mat, pillow, bedding, toilet paper, bible or book of faith.
8.When staff opens cell door go to back of cell and face the wall.
9.When exiting cell face cell door, feet on colored tile, hands behind back.
10.Knock on cell door or use intercom only in serious occurrences of need.
11.Walk along white outside perimeter of pod unless otherwise instructed by staff.
12.On day room floor, you will sit in seat assigned by staff.
13.Do not speak out until you raise your hand and are recognized by staff.
14.Do not get out of your seat without permission to do so.
15.Free time between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., during which games, art and talking is permitted, can be earned.
16.Three persons per table until 8:00 PM, then max of 4 at staff discretion.
17.While a resident, you will be here 24 hours each day until your release.  The time one o'clock doesn't
matter while you're here.  All activities are scheduled for you and you'll be told when they begin and end.
Do not ask what time it is."
18.No swearing, yelling, whistling or singing.
19.No war stories, lying to staff or looking out of your pod.
20.No writing on yourself or anyone else.
21.No talking about sex.
22.No arguing with staff or other residents.
23.Disrespect toward staff, residents or guests will not be tolerated.
24.Sit up straight with both feet on floor; do not lay your head down on desk.
25.Follow all directions given by staff.
26.If staff tells you no, do not ask again.
27.No exchanging addresses or phone numbers.
28.No visits during lock up.
29.Tell staff of rule violations or situations endangering someone.
30.Homework help is allowed if staff approves.
31.In hall keep eyes straight ahead, head down, and hands behind back. No talking.
32.No talking during meal or snack time.
33.Always be polite and respectful.
34.Never do anything without asking first.
35.When in doubt ask.
36.No residents in storage room without staff present.
37.No resident allowed on phone without staff present.
38.During phone calls all other residents will be locked down.
39.Uniforms must be worn correctly at all times. Pants rolled up and white t-shirt tucked in
40.No saving food. Return all utensils and uneaten food.

Overview | Visitation | Daily Schedule | Rules
The Sandusky County Juvenile Detention Center (SCJDC) is a new facility completed in 2003.  It is a 36 bed facility that is designed  to provide secure detention to those youth deemed appropriate by the Juvenile Judge.  The state of the art security system assures the highest possible security features for staff and residents.  Three living units or pods exist to allow the use of a classification system to separate residents based on level of offense, age and gender.  The facility meets all Ohio Department of Youth Services and ADA requirements.

The SCJDC offers a wide variety of programming in which each resident is
required to participate.  The Fremont City Schools provide the required
educational component in our 3 on-site classrooms.  The “home school”
of the resident will be responsible for any reimbursements for schooling
(directly billed by Fremont Schools). 

While in our facility, each resident will participate in the following activities:

One hour of large muscle exercise per day (structured)

Educational Groups including:
Drug/Alcohol, Character Counts, Criminal Thinking Errors, Smoking
Cessation, AIDS/STD’s, Depression, and Anger Management

Voluntary nondenominational religious services on Sunday

Art/Crafts (weekly)

Presentations by community leaders

Visitation with parent/guardian

Each resident, within 3 days of admission, will be seen by the medical staff to determine if any urgent medical issues exist.  The medical staff provides sick-call as needed.  SCJDC staff administers medications as prescribed by the resident’s physician.  Residents needing immediate care while in our facility will be transported to the local emergency room for appropriate care.  Any resident requiring emergency evaluation for mental health issues can be seen on a 24 hour basis by our local mental health agency.  Each resident is provided 3 meals and an evening snack.

Referral Process
Juveniles must meet the criteria established under Rule 7 of the Juvenile Rules and established facility admissions criteria

No juveniles under the age of 12 will be accepted.

Dental, outside counseling (when required) and any other extraordinary costs shall be the responsibility of child’s parent/guardian

Transportation to Court and other required appointments shall be the responsibility of the placing county

Monthly billing will be sent and payment will be expected to be made in full within 30 days

The director of Detention or Designee has the right to refuse or reject any juveniles whose mental or medical condition would create a substantial risk to the juvenile, other residents, or Detention staff.

For more information on referrals or programming, please contact  Mr. Dale A. Mitchell , Director @ 419-334-6498

Residents may have (2) 1/2 hour visits per week. Weeks begin on Sunday.
The days and times are as follows:

Tuesday 9:00 am. - 10:00 am.
Tuesday 6:00 pm. - 7:00 pm.

Thursday 9:00 am. - 10:00 am.
Thursday 6:00 pm. - 7:00 pm.

Sunday 1:00 pm. - 3:00 pm.